Appraisal Q&A

Why have an Appraisal done?

Mostly done for insurance  coverage purposes but also estate, proof of ownership, travel security and your peace of mind. Most insurance companies require an appraisal for coverage and will require a updated appraisal every two years. With the changing metals, diamond and colored stone pricing  it is a good idea to follow the every two year guideline. When updating, the jewely must be inspected by the appraiser before a appraisal can be done . Sorry no exceptions.

Why does Wiley's have a independant appraiser?

Over the last few years, the technology of gemstone creation , treatment and enhancement  has so excelled  that keeping up the all the changes requires someone that specializes in  gem identification and evaluation. This specialized profession takes many hours of class and lab time to keep up with our ever changing industry. Many Insurance companies are also requesting appraisals done by graduate gemologist/ certified jewelry appraisers. In  keeping with our commitment to offer this quailty service,  we felt it necessary to have someone available with the necessary qualification to offer professional jewelry appraisals to our customers.

When are they done?

Call to make an appointment or We have a regular scheduled appraisal day of the  3rd Friday of every month between the hours of 9am and 2pm . Appointments can be made if you perfer to have it done while you wait or  you will need to drop  your items off  to the store before closing time by the Thursday before the appraisal date. This way we can be assured that the Appraiser will have work to do and gives time to properly clean the jewelry for accurate evaluation. All jewelry left for appraisal can be picked up by end of the business day on Friday. 

What if my diamond is certified?

If your Diamond is certified though a recognized gem lab it is important to have this information at the time of the appraisal. Please bring this with you when you drop off your items for appraisal. Your information will be returned to you.

Can I have a "while I wait" appraisal done?

Yes, An appointment must be scheduled in advance and  50% deposit made to hold the appointment . Call the store to set up  available appointment times.

How soon can I get my appraisal?

The actual written appraisal will be available  when you pick up your jewelry.  

What is in the Appraisal Document?

The appraisal document consists of the physical appraisal pages for all the items appraised, which is wrapped in the document cover and placed in its plastic sleeve. An appraisal document can contain one or several items. Each item will be on a separate page and have a separate detail summary, photograph , specifications and price. All appraisal documents are done in triplicate,  two go to the customer and one copy is kept instore and of course the appraiser has a digital file he keeps.

About the appraiser.

Our appraiser is Tom Ryan,  Graduate Gemologist, Member of The National Association of Jewelry Appraisers , Member of International society of appraisers and Gemological Institute of America. Mr. Ryan has 16 years of appraisal experience in all types of jewelry valuation  from retail replacement and fair market value to scrap and liquidation. . 

We bought our jewelry at Wiley's do we have to pay for an appraisal?

No, we offer a free appraisal on  any item over $500 that we sell. You dont have to wait for the appraisal days. Contact the store.

What if I have questions about the appraisal after I recieve it?

The appraisers contact information will be available and he will contact you promptly to answer your questions.


New Appraisals:

  1. First Item - $100.00
  2. 2-10 Items - $90.00
  3. 11 to 20 Items - $90.00
    (wedding sets soldered together are priced as two separate rings)


  1. First Item - $60.00
  2. Second Item and each additional - $50.00
    (updates must be done within 5 years)

Lost Appraisal Replacments:

Re-prints are $25.00 for lost or misplaced appraisals (no changes made)

Special Offer! Have your jewelry Cleaned, polished, rhodium and stones checked and tightened for $25.00 per piece. Just bring it in two days before the appraisal day.

Any other questions please contact the store.