Gold Buying Guide

Buying all your unwanted jewelry, Diamonds, Gold, Platinum, Silver, Watches, Coins, Dental Gold, Broken Jewelry, Scrap Gold, Chains, Rings, Earrings, Bracelets

Wiley's Diamonds and Fine Jewelry has been a trusted name for all your jewelry needs since 1994. If you are thinking about selling your jewelry, diamonds or gold let Wiley's guide you through the process and explain all your options. We offer a no pressure approach to sell and if you accept our offer you will be paid immediately, In cash! We are the top jewelry buyer for Ellis and surrounding counties. The reason is that we are professionals and we pay top dollar!

Sell Your Jewelry, Sell Your Diamonds, Sell Your Gold and Turn it into CASH!

The chart below reflects the live price of gold at this very minute.

Please refresh the page to update the live price of gold in real time.